Industry leaders guiding the research, development, and subsequently testing software. Influential leaders who are able to make introductions to trustworthy new partners and law enforcement. Board members may attend a monthly teleconference, take time as needed to test new developments in the software, respond to occasional emails, and optionally respond to requests for advice in monthly update emails from idTraffickers.


Distinguished scholars representing the world’s leading thinkers, as gauged by:

  • Scholarly standing in their field
  • Peer recognition
  • Membership on journal boards, grant panels, and honorary associations
  • Institutional affiliation ranking
  • High distinction for deep knowledge of Human Trafficking
  • Prestige and visibility

William Welch

William Welch, Instructor, Mercyhurst University, Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Science


Advocates are public figures who connect our ideas to media, government, and other global decision-makers. They are intellectual thought leaders who may be authors, podcasters or other Internet giants, film or television celebrities, journalists, scientists, businesspeople, politicians, government officials, or academics who are not professors.


Gregory G. Gillette
Former U.S. Marine Corps Colonel and Federal Prosecutor
Private Consultant, Israeli-U.S. Government Relations and Regulations

Brad Riley Headshot 2015


Brad Riley
Founder & President of iEmpathize

About our supporters

Apply to join idTraffickers as a Fellow, Advisor, or Advocate. Benefits of joining include:

  • Notification of grants to which you can apply
  • Grant writing assistance for joint proposals with idTraffickers
  • Administrative support with research, events, and other projects
  • VIP network access to industry leaders and other important individuals
  • Networking and collaboration with our prestigious advisors, fellows, advocates, and coalitions
  • Paid compensation for articles and research
  • Promotion through our email, social media, and online campaigns that will draw attention to your projects, literature, organization, and fundraising efforts
  • Spread the mission by aligning with a major driver of the movement
  • Speaker series available with opportunities for paid lectures
  • Special discounts from partners

To apply to join idTraffickers as a Fellow, Advisor, or Advocate, email an introduction and your credentials to