Working together, non-profits can engage more constituents, faster.

Working together, we'll reach the market more effectively.

Collaboration using AdWords and Ad Grants increases the amount and types of people being reached.

Through the collaboration program, all organizations, regardless of their existing visibility, will contribute equally and make the greatest difference possible.

  • We will reach a broader audience than is normally attracted to one website, or
  • Create a surge in attention during a short time period leading up to e.g. an event, fundraiser, or volunteer day.

Think of it as pooled leveraged results where each organization can directly benefit from the group’s efforts and responses for any purpose… while the movement as a whole benefits alongside each member organization.


What are Google AdWords and Ad Grants?

In Google’s own words:

In a nutshell, AdWords is Google’s paid advertising product. Have you ever seen those ads that appear at the top or side of your screen? Those are Google AdWords ads that a company paid for so that people will notice their business whenever they’re searching Google.

example of Google Ads

example of Google Ads

Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits is a grant program offered by search engine leader, Google, to eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

Receive up to $120,000
For eligible non-profits to cover the cost of AdWords.

Increase event attendance
Make your next event a success with Ad Grants.

Increase online donations
Drive more traffic to your donation page.

Increase newsletter sign-ups
Build relationships with supporters, donors and volunteers.


What can an organization expect?

The greater the number of organizations that collaborate, the greater the increase in results and goals reached, as we will show, below. Every organization can have its own unique messaging, but the synergies between those collaborating will make the biggest difference possible.

Results from a recent case study

Get the entire case study here.

case study before and after


Get better results through collaboration

However, an organization that takes part in the collaboration program could see increased results during the time period that the collaborators are promoting that one organization.  More details on how collaboration works follow this table.

results chart


Collaboration program overview

Updentity has developed a program specifically for organizations involved with the anti-human trafficking initiative to unite their grant funds.

  • Each organization involved in the collaboration program, regardless of size, will receive up to $10,000 per month in AdWords credits.
  • All organizations will receive a year long Awareness Campaign. (AdWords services from Updentity with a purpose of creating ads to raise awareness about the organization’s mission.)
  • Participating organizations, the “collaboration group,” will all allocate a pre-determined, designated portion of their advertising credits to be used towards the one agreed goal within a “campaign type” at a time.

Example collaboration campaigns

  • Event promotion

    Event promotion

    All organizations within the collaboration will have a campaign running with the purpose of promoting each other’s upcoming event(s) or conference(s).

  • Newsletter sign-ups

    Newsletter sign-ups

    The collaboration group will have a campaign running with a purpose to gather emails. Those emails will be shared with the group.

  • Donation campaign

    Donation campaign

    Increase website traffic to your donation page.

  • Volunteer campaign

    Volunteer campaign

    Get more help for your organization and meet your goals faster.

  • Don't see what you're looking for?

    Don't see what you're looking for?

    Additional campaigns including custom campaigns available.

  • Prefer to go it alone?

    Prefer to go it alone?

    Non-collaboration packages are available too.

What is the benefit?

There are usually “critical time periods” for any given type of campaign, whether it is the few months leading up to an event, fundraiser, etc. All organizations will be able to promote their own organization and additionally promote a common objective for agreed critical time periods. Combining a portion of the grant funds allows organizations to increase the grant amount to be used. For, example rather than an organization spending $5,000 of their monthly grant budget to promote an event or generate email sign-ups, if they had three other organizations collaborating, they could have $20,000 in one month towards promoting an event or newsletter sign-ups.

This can all be accomplished through the collaboration program at a fraction of the cost to run these types of campaigns — or possibly no cost to your non-profit at all, if you engage our commercial sponsorship program, as well.


Updentity will handle all facets of the promotion including:

Grant writing

    • Applying for Google For Non-profits on your behalf
    • Applying for the Google AdWords Grant on your behalf
    • Includes submitting necessary information about your non-profit
    • Adhering to Google’s rules, as required by the Grant

Technical set-up

      • Setting up a Google Analytics account
      • Setting up a Google AdWords account
      • Creating an account to monitor landing pages
      • Conversion code setup and tracking

Ad writing

      • Researching relevant keywords
      • AdWords Campaign creation
      • Creating relevant Ad groups as needed
      • Writing text-based ads to be displayed on Google
      • Continued keyword research and maintenance
      • Continued ad research and maintenance

Landing page creation

      • Creating a landing page for your collaboration initiative
      • Includes writing content, design, and development
      • A “call to action” on the landing page will encourage a conversion; users will sign-up or be directed to an appropriate page to take action
      • The page goal is to encourage new supporters to learn take part in your collaboration groups’ specific initiative
      • Each organization will receive a campaign, ads, and a landing page designed to raise awareness about the mission


      • Reporting of click-through rate
      • Reporting of conversions
      • Analytics (website traffic) reporting
      • Top performing keywords and ads
      • Reporting the number of times your ads were displayed on Google
      • Reporting the amount of ad grant money spent


1 Organization, alone


  • Each organization gets:
  • 1 Year Awareness Campaign
  • 1 Regular Campaign
  • Ongoing Branding
  • $120,000 in AdWords credits
  • Grant Setup
  • Technical Setup
  • Write Multiple AdWords Ads
  • Develop Landing Pages
  • Test Landing Pages
  • Reporting

4 Organizations in Collaboration


  • Each organization gets:
  • 1 Year Awareness Campaign
  • 4 Collaboration Campaigns
  • Ongoing Branding
  • $120,000 in AdWords credits
  • Grant Setup
  • Technical Setup
  • Write Multiple AdWords Ads
  • Develop Landing Pages
  • Test Landing Pages
  • Reporting

12 Organizations in Collaboration


  • Each organization gets:
  • 1 Year Awareness Campaign
  • 12 Collaboration Campaigns
  • Ongoing Branding
  • $120,000 in AdWords credits
  • Grant Setup
  • Technical Setup
  • Write Multiple AdWords Ads
  • Develop Landing Pages
  • Test Landing Pages
  • Reporting